Vaughn Sutherland

VP of Sales and Marketing

Vaughn Sutherland -who holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in Physical Science (Chemistry/Physics) -leads the company’s Sales organization with responsibility for North American markets and will oversee the expansion efforts into emerging markets. In his previous roles with McKesson Pharmaceuticals, he served as Vice President and General Manager for the Southeastern parts of the U.S. domestic market responsible for Sales into Health Systems and Independent Pharmacy while maintaining operational P&L responsibility for multiple distribution operations. During his 10 year stay at McKesson, Sutherland was responsible for an impressive increase in revenues and growing market share. Other notable parts of Sutherland’s career involved 10 years at top Fortune 100 companies-including his position as the Managing Director at FedEx and being the VP/Executive Director for Verizon Information Services for 5 years.