Steve Burton

Chief Information Officer

Steve Burton brings to an executive team technical expertise and technical management capabilities. Mr. Burton has accumulated vast experience as manager and advisor to multiple companies in various industries serving in roles such as CTO, Sr. Project Manager and Network Engineering. He has directly led development teams and analysts achieving high standards of work for over 25 years. Steve is a strong leader that is greatly appreciated by his team as well as peers and company management. He is a capable technical contributor that can effectively guide the efforts of developers and system designers at all levels of the company’s technical structure. Steve is an admired corporate executive adding comfort to executive management as well as board members to keep pulse readings on strategic direction and the deployment of technical resources. He is well versed on many aspects of Information Technology with continued education and on-the-job training to add to his tool chest. Steve has enabled companies to implement hundreds of software solutions and complex systems using in-house and off-shore technical teams to support large scaling business growth. As a manager, many team members describe him as fair and knowledgeable in all aspects of Information and Technology. Steve takes great pride and is most comfortable taking on the roles that are needed in both start-up and mature business models. Steve tackles the most difficult and complex with an easy manner and composure making the difficult seem easy and the complex much more accessible to everyone. His unique communication style makes him able to take technology and make it understandable for all levels of employees in any organization. His excitement for this business sector is crucial to the company’s growth and success by providing the leadership to develop and implement software solutions in a short and competitive timeframe.