Kyle Wallgren

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Wallgren is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and the CEO & founder of the children’s education communication platform named Edsoma:“I started my entrepreneur journey at the age of 23 in the concrete industry. I was able to build and sell the company in 3 years and moved into the oilfield Industry . Five years later I was building another company with 34 employees, generating over $14 million a year in revenue -and yet this journey also taught me about how to navigate through unexpected downs.Eventually I decided to sell and moved from Canada to America, a country that always inspired me due to it’s pioneer spirit. Since living in the United States, I' ve built several companies and partnerships, strongly driven by the desire to build a better life for my son and daughter plus a unique legacy as an entrepreneur.When my 6 year old daughter came to me asking for me to read her bedtime stories the answer was always going to be yes -and geography should not throw a wrench into that commitment. No matter where my business travels would take me. Another motivating factor : after doing some research my team found that 50% of Americans read at a grade 8 reading level and 54 million adult Americans can’t read at all. From this we formed Edsoma, an app that unites and guides early readers...."