Enrique Garcia

Chief Financial Officer

Enrique Garcia is an outstanding executive with many years of experience managing and directing high performance teams. His professional career includes positions at Fortune 500 / Fortune 100 companies as company president, senior vice president and advisor for organizations in multiple industries such as high tech, transportation, manufacturing and telecommunications. As a member of Nextel Communications Launch Team, Enrique was responsible for the implementation of new generation cellular phones. He worked closely with Motorola Wireless in the design and production of end user units and accessories for exclusive distribution nationwide. All 50+ stores deployed by his teams were ready on time and within budget in less than 12 months. Enrique is an exceptional leader in corporate strategic direction, finance administration and information technology with direct experience in raising over $150 Million in investment capital for both start-up and expanding businesses. Mr. Garcia has also orchestrated the sale of several companies to investors resulting in a win-win situation for his clients and brings years of expertise in directing brand new corporations such as Nextel, 4thCommunication Networks, The @Hospital Systems, and several others. Since Enrique is able to operate multiple high senior level roles in a company, he can also quickly assess and assemble a talented management team.