Dr. Diane Burton

Chief Education Officer

Dr. Diane Burton is an experienced educator with over 40 years in the field. Her work as an instructor, school and district level administrator has given her a vast wealth of direct experience at many levels. She holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and various accreditations and credentials in educational and administrative programs

Additional areas of expertise for Dr. Burton include bilingual cross-cultural education, gifted and talented education, program improvement, student intervention and summer school programs for student growth, school plans for student achievement, successful federal and state grant application and management, curriculum and program adoption, staff development, site and district articulation with other educational entities (board of education, local educational agencies, county office of education, state department of education, and federal programs), parent advisories, and career and technical education, among others.

Throughout her educational career, Dr. Burton has strived to study about and support student growth by triangulating how students learn, how teachers teach for student mastery, and what curriculum or programs can support this teaching and learning. Using this philosophy during her principalship, she led her school to receive a California Title 1 Academic Award. As a director of curriculum and program support services at the district level, Dr. Burton brought educational intervention programs such as Professional Learning Communities and Response to Intervention to the district.

At present Dr. Burton resides on the beautiful central coast of California with her husband and their beloved dalmatian, Beau. She continues to educate students as a tutor at a public charter school and now with Edsoma, helping the build-out and implementation of our platform.