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The Power of Piggie Bear_11-24-21.jpg

The Power of Piggie Bear

Do you ever feel sad, lonely, wottied, angry or scared? Wouldn't it be great if we could just feel happy all the time? The Power of Piggie Bear helps young readers process and manage their feelings in a fun and loving way and shows children how to identify their emotions, utilize empowering words, and teach them self-calming skills including Piggie Bear's ''deep belly breathing.'' Piggie Bear reminds children that they are amazing - just the way they are!

Polly's Pipers_11-24-21.jpg

Polly's Pipers

In this beautifully illustrated children’s book, a little girl learns lessons about communication as she looks for her missing pipers—but “What are pipers?” her mommy and daddy ask. She has looked everywhere—under the bed, inside her closet, and in the kitchen. In this sweet and familiar story of misunderstanding, readers are reminded of their own lively hunts for missing treasure and learn a valuable lesson about communication.

Not Even a Minute_11-22-21.jpg

Not Even a Minute: A Practical Story About Preventing Hot Car Heatstroke

The car is a fun place to be! It a lot of buttons and sounds and can take you wherever you want to go. But we have to be careful when we're in the car. It isn't a safe place to play, and it isn't a safe place to be by yourself without Mom or Dad. Learn about the rules of the car so we can always be safe! This story presents a serious topic while plainly outlining the dangers of leaving a child unattended in a car.


The Heart Fairy_11-24-21.jpg

The Heart Fairy

When a young fairy on her first assignment meets a little girl sad about her parents' divorce, they must find a way to smile together. New to managing her own magic, the Heart Fairy cannot even make a safe landing much less control what she plucks from her special bag. Will a fluffy kitten help? Are the crayons really magic? How can a picture soothe sadness? As Gracie and Anna learn together, imagination can help the Heart Fairy help someone else's heart.

Molly Earns Her Pie_11-24-21.jpg

Molly Earns Her Pie

Molly really wants some pie. She decides to make one! She goes to the store and finds all the ingredients, but then she realizes she needs money to buy them. Well, she doesn't have any money . . . so she decides to go earn some. Join Molly as she learns the importance of hard work and earning her own money--and her pie!


The Mountain Lion at Crab Lake_11-22-21.jpg

The Mountain Lion at Crab Lake

In the third book of the Crab Lake series, a big, fierce, and intimidating newcomer arrives, a mountain lion! None of the creatures of Crab Lake - nor Jeannie - have ever met an animal like this; they are so nervous. Where did he come from? Why is he here? Is he dangerous? Jeannie is brave and wants to welcome scary Mr. Mountain Lion to the lake. Discover how important it is not to judge someone by their appearance and to embrace their uniqueness. Revisit Jeannie's enchanting world in The Mountain Lion at Crab Lake!

Spry Sparrow, From Drab to Fab_11-23-21.jpg

Spry Sparrow: From Drab to Fab

Spry Sparrow has a wonderful mother, a spacious backyard, and plenty of bugs to fill her belly. So why is she so unhappy? Perhaps it's because her neighbors, the colorful painted buntings, are so vibrant that Spry becomes jealous, feeling that her brown and white feathers are ordinary and drab. Spry Sparrow's mother has a special lesson in store for the little bird. Donna Hammontree uses her experience in cognitive behavioral therapy to weave a tale of positive behavior change and self-confidence in this story.


The Toot Fairy_10-13-21.jpg

The Toot Fairy

Every fairy gets to throw a coin into the magical well one day and declare what kind of fairy job they want to have: a Rainbow fairy, a Dream Fairy, or another important fairy! Jessa planned to say "tooth" when she threw her coin in the well. Now, when the day comes, she accidentally says "toot!" Now, instead of leaving coins for the teeth children have lost, she'll have to collect toots from the butts in the world; she is not pleased. Will this job be fun and rewarding?

Little Quinn the Inquisitor - The Water Cycle_11-24-21.jpg

Little Quinn the Inquisitor: The Water Cycle

Quinn is a curious little girl, always asking Momma "why?" She wants to know everything, and won't stop until she finds the answers! One day Quinn and her mom go to the store, and it starts raining. Why is it raining? Where does the water come from? Why does it fall from clouds? Find out about the water cycle as Quinn's mom explains the water cycle to answer her questions.

A Wish for Winellda the Witch_11-22-21.jpg

A Wish for Winellda the Witch

Winellda the witch has but one wish - to be accepted by her friends. In A Wish for Winellda the Witch, author Esther Clark uses the magic of Halloween to teach children a lesson in acceptance in this wonderfully spooky but light-hearted children's book. Whimsical illustrations set the mood for trick-or-treating fun!

Buster Tells It All_11-24-21.jpg

Buster Tells It All

Welcome to Pony Creek Ranch, home to many special animals from around the world! Surrounded by breathtaking landscape, log cabins, waterfalls, and game-trodden hiking trails, Pony Creek Ranch is the best-kept secret in Texas. A safe haven for animals, this ranch and animal reserve is full of life and excitement! The head dog, Buster, takes you on a tour of the ranch and introduces you to his animal friends in this story about friendship and support.

The Pirate's Tale of Papa's Gold Tooth_11-22-21 copy.jpg

The Pirate's Tale of Papa's Gold Tooth

At the beginning of summer all of Papa's grandchildren are on their way to the beach to see him and Granny to play all summer long. Once they get there, they all want to hear the story of how Papa got his gold tooth! Before they know it, they're treated to a wild tale of pirate ships, rescue missions, tons of gold booty, and a scary encounter with the notorious Captain Blackbeard. The Story is a thrilling one - are you brave enough to hear it?


Mr. Gringle's Magical Wheelchair_11-24-21.jpg

Mr. Gringle's Magical Wheelchair

Lisa and her friends have a big problem: bullies. Steven and Joe run the neighborhood by taking allowances, and stealing snacks and pushing people around. After a run-in with the boys one day, Lisa's wheelchair breaks, but her kind neighbor Mr. Gringle gives her a new one, painted colorfully and brimming with magic, he says. She doesn't believe him at first, but Lisa soon realizes that with this magical chair, she has the power to stand up to the bullies that she didn't before! Her bravery and courage inspire other kids around her.


Little Quinn the Inquisitor - The Water Cycle_11-24-21.jpg

Little Quinn the Inquisitor: The Water Cycle

Quinn is a curious little girl, always asking Momma "why?" She wants to know everything, and won't stop until she finds the answers! One day Quinn and her mom go to the store, and it starts raining. Why is it raining? Where does the water come from? Why does it fall from clouds? Find out about the water cycle as Quinn's mom explains the water cycle to answer her questions.


Alphascripts the ABCs of the Bible_10-13-21.jpg

Alphascripts: The Abcs of the Bible

Build an educational and biblical foundation through hands-on interaction with Alphascripts, a unique and fun way to teach children the letters of the alphabet and American Sign Language equivalents, using the language of the Bible.The Alphascripts Letter Hunt Game found in the book provides a way to further strengthen childrens' knowledge of the alphabet through illustrations, letter sound recognition, and phonics. Alphascripts makes learning fun!

Alphascripts The 123s of the Biblejpg.jpg

Alphascripts: The ABC's of the Bible

Use this book to build an educational and biblical foundation through hands-on interaction. Alphascripts is a unique and fun way to teach children not only the letters of the alphabet but their American Sign Language equivalents, using the language of the Bible.

Edna, the Almost Inch Worm_11-23-21 copy.jpg

Edna, the Almost Inch Worm

Edna the inch worm is very sad, because no matter what she does she can't grow to be an inch long. But Edna's friends, the humming bird and the mouse and more, tell her to be glad for how she was made. Edna sees just how great she is with the love of God in her heart and faith in how He made her, and not measure her worth by the inch!

Pop-Pop Airplane, How Do You Fly__11-24-21.jpg

Let's Go Fly With Pop-Pop Airplane

Have you ever been on an airplane in the sky? Do you know what the airport is, or what it's like? Well, Pop-Pop Airplane is here to teach you everything you need to know about your first flight! In Let's Go Fly with Pop-Pop Airplane you will learn all about the airport, what to take with you on the plane, how take-off and landing happen, and just how much fun it can be to fly through the sky!

Pop-Pop Airplane, How Do You Fly?

Do you ever see a plane fly by in the sky and wonder, "How does it work?" Well, Pop-Pop Airplane is here to teach every young and curious mind who wants to know just how airplanes stay up. He will teach you about the wings, the engine, and even parts of the plane you've never heard about - like the ailerons or the elevators - so that the next time you see a plane go by, you can know a little more about how it flies!

Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie_11-23-21.jpg

Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie

Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie is the true story about a little dog who loses her home for doing what comes naturally to a pup bred to be a herder: she chases everything that moves. She doesn't understand why she is left at an animal shelter, and because she cowers in a corner of her cage, potential adopters pass her by. Sashi is helped by Sheltie Rescue and is ultimately adopted into a home where she blossoms into the dog she was meant to be.


Artboard 1.jpg

Always the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Olsen could not be more excited about Christmas! Most of all, he loves Christmas music, decorations, Santa, and celebrating Jesus's birthday. But after reading about Jesus and Christmas, he is curious about one thing: when is God's birthday? After a lot of searching, Olsen finally realizes that every day is God's birthday and that God and Jesus share a birthday on Christmas and that Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus with those we love most.

Little Worm, A Story About Worry_11-23-21.jpg

Little Worm: A Story About Worry

Today is the day! Little Worm is going to run a whole mile. But, no, it's raining! Little Worm starts to feel sad, funny, and then disappointed. Little Worm has been looking forward to this day for weeks. What if he can't run at all today? This story shows how to handle worry and anxiety when things don't turn out the way we expect. Join Little Worm as he learns how to readjust his plans and work through his anxiety.

My Lucky Skin_11-24-21.jpg

My Lucky Skin

When Ayo goes to his first day of kindergarten, he notices that no one else's skin is dark brown, like his. But when Ayo asks his mom about it, she assures him that no skin color is better or worse than any other. He learns that we all have different amounts of something called melanin inside of us, which is what makes our skin look different colors. That is the only difference. When Ayo goes back to school, he sees all the different colors of skin in his class now, and he realizes how every color is lucky and beautiful, including his!

The Boar Named Bob_11-22-21.jpg

The Boar Named Bob

Bob is a boar who loves to play in the mud. When Bob meets Freddy the frog, there is even more fun to be had in the mud with His new friend. That is, until Bob smells corn, and gets caught in a hog trap! Bob and Freddy learn about teamwork, friendship, and overcoming obstacles in The Boar Named Bob.

Tiger Finds a Family_11-22-21.jpg

Tiger Finds a Family

When Mr. and Mrs. Henning find a little kitten alone in the bushes, they decide to name him Tiger and welcome him into their home. Tiger is happier than he ever expected to be! But, despite his loving family and comfortable home, Tiger is still missing something that he wants more than anything else in the world, a best friend. Join Tiger on his search for friendship in this delightful story about family, companionship, and discovering where you belong.

Tucker Times, The Chase_11-22-21.jpg

Tucker Times: The Chase

A delightful dog learns lessons about good manners, friendship, and respect in this adventure. Tucker loves going for walks. There’s so much to see, so many places to visit, and so many things to chase! Join Tucker as he meets birds, squirrels, cats, and more, and learns why it’s not nice to chase them. Young readers will love sounding out lively rhymes while following along with colorful illustrations by Morgan Spicer as Tucker and his new friends come to life.

When Mommy and Daddy Say No_11-24-21.jpg

When Mommy and Daddy Say No, They Still Love You

NO, Daddy says when you jump up and down in the car. NO, Mommy tells you when you want an extra dessert. NO, your parents call out as you run out in the street. These are the responses you hear all of the time during your childhood. Does this mean that your parents don't like you? NO, it doesn't. In fact, when Mommy and Daddy say NO, they are doing so because they love you and want you to grow up to be a polite, healthy, and responsible person.

Wow I Am Special_10-13-21 copy.jpg

Wow: I Am Special

Join WOW, a different little puppy with unstoppable spirit, as he uses his special gifts to help his friends and share his dreams. With a little guidance and some hard work, he discovers how special he really is. WOW learns to believe in himself and makes his dreams come true - all the way to the moon and back. Never forget that what makes you different can make you soar.


Winellda's Wonderful World to Cover_11-23-21.jpg

Winellda's Wonderful World to Color

The magic of Halloween will come to life for children in this adorably spooky coloring book, based on its accompanying storybook, A Wish for Winellda the Witch where Winellda has but one wish - to be accepted by her friends. Join in the Halloween fun as she gets ready for a night of trick-or-treating!

The Little Copper Penny_10-13-21.jpg

The Little Copper Penny

Little Copper Penny is sad because all the other coins say pennies are worthless. Luckily Grandpa Wheat, who has been around for a very long time, knows just how Little Copper Penny feels and exactly what to say to cheer him up! This charming story about accepting who you are makes counting fun and also reminds you to know your worth, no matter what others say. Join Copper Penny and Grandpa for a memorable rhyme that you are, you have value!

Sweet Child Born in Texas_11-23-21.jpg

Sweet Child Born in Texas

Welcome to Texas! Cowboys, NASA, scrumptious chili; there are so many things that make Texas great. From history tidbits to fun facts, this beautiful poem describes and teaches all the things that make this state special. Whether you're a child or a child at heart, this book is perfect for all children born in Texas and those who wish to learn about this amazing state .

Dancing Danica_11-24-21.jpg

Dancing Danica

Meet Danica-- a young girl who just can't seem to stop dancing! She dances throughout the day and everywhere she goes-- she even dances in her sleep! With vivid illustrations and a delightful rhyming story, Dancing Danica will have children tapping right along as they read. "She moved like a ballerina with style and grace. Oh, how her dancing put a smile on every face."

Happy Trails with Abby and Taz_11-22-21 copy.jpg

Happy Trails With Abby and Taz

Abby the horse loves going on adventures with the two sweet girls who live on her farm. They ride on Abby's back to explore the land and have exciting adventures. Abby is happy to be their noble steed, but feels like she needs a friend like her. One day, her wish comes true! But when her family brings home a new horse named Taz, Abby worries that her family loves Taz so much that they no longer care about her. Abby and Taz learn an important lesson about sharing, making friends, and having enough love to go around.

Jeannie's Crab Lake Winter Tales_11-12-21.jpg

Jeannie's Crab Lake Winter Tales

The animals of Crab Lake are back in five fun and thrilling stories. Jeannie is back in Wisconsin for the winter to play, catch up, and share the joy of the holidays with her woodland friends, like Pudgey Bear, Belknap Beaver, and Mr. O'Possum. From making Christmas dinner, helping escaped polar bears, and battling a snowstorm, these tales will have you entertained. Jeannie and all the animals of Crab Lake teach everyone that friendship and coming together to help others is what leads to the greatest of adventures.

Maddy Lou and Mack at the State Fair of Texas_11-23-21 copy.jpg

Maddy Lou and Mack at the State Fair of Texas

Maddy Lou and Mack are a brother-and-sister team taking on the great state of Texas. The State Fair of Texas in Dallas is their first adventure! It returns every year in the fall, and Maddy Lou and Mack are enjoying all the fun it brings along with it: corn dogs, Big Tex, and the biggest Ferris wheel in Texas. Join the adventurous siblings on a fun-filled tour of Fair Park and learn about the history of the State Fair of Texas that is more than 100 years old!

My Huggy Bear_11-23-21.jpg

My Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear goes with me everywhere: the grocery srore, the zoo, the carnival, up and down slides, to bed... join Huggy Bear and me on our adventures. How much fun it is to go on adventures with your best friend!

Potatoland and the Fable of Thunder and Lightning_11-23-21.jpg

Potatoland and the Fable of Thunder and Lightning

On the very top of Potatoland Mountain is a beautiful castle, home of the clumsy King Rufus, king of Potatoland. Below his castle, his village uses his biggest and fattest potatoes to make mashed potatoes, French-fried potatoes, potato chips, potato bread, potato pizza, potato tacos--even potato toys! But the most exciting time in Potatoland is when it rains and King Rufus harvests his potatoes. Join King Rufus and all of Potatoland in this charming fable to learn about thunder, lightning, and the many amazing uses for potatoes.

Sweet Child Born in California_11-22-21.jpg

Sweet Child Born in California

Welcome to California where the state abounds with beautiful scenery, like the coastal redwoods and the amazing Golden Gate Bridge, and where there are exciting places to visit like Hollywood and Disneyland. California iis so interesting! The second book in the Sweet Child United States series teaches California children and those wishing to visit about the history, landmarks, and fun facts of California, and help readers understand why it is the Golden State!

A Christmas Tail

It's Christmas Eve, and everyone has gone to bed, anxiously awaiting the next morning. The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped, and the tree is trimmed and lit. But just when the house is quiet and peaceful, its most mischievous members, a bunch of cute and crazy puppies, decide it's time to have some fun of their own! See what trouble they cause on Christmas Eve!

A Perfect Puddle_11-22-21.jpg

A Perfect Puddle: The Adventures of Willie and Arnold

Friends Willie and Arnold live on a beautiful white cloud in the sky. They can't wait to become the best water droplets they can be. Learn about the water cycle as the friends go to Storm School to learn everything about water droplets: how to sing on windowpanes, dance on umbrellas, make hail, and, create rainbows. To become raindrops they work as a team to think up creative solutions during their journey from the clouds to the ground and back again. It's worth all their hard work because they create just the perfect puddle!

A Wish for Winellda the Witch_11-22-21.jpg

A Wish for Winellda the Witch

Winellda the witch has but one wish - to be accepted by her friends. In A Wish for Winellda the Witch, author Esther Clark uses the magic of Halloween to teach children a lesson in acceptance in this wonderfully spooky but light-hearted children's book. Whimsical illustrations set the mood for trick-or-treating fun!

Always Tell the Truth_10-13-21.jpg

Always Tell the Truth

Twins Katie and Kimmie know how important it is to love their neighbors, and one way their Pastor Jimmy says they can do this is to always tell the truth. But when Katie hits a baseball through the Mumfords' kitchen window, she learns that telling the truth is sometimes the hardest thing to do. This touching tale about honesty shows us how courage and the support of family can get us through.

Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers_11-24-21.jpg

Benjamin Birdie and the Tree Dwellers

After his unsuccessful first flight, Benjamin Birdie is still anxious to fly like all the other birds. With his wings now grown stronger, and support from his mom, Benjamin is ready to give flying another try. Nervously leaping from his nest, he stumbles at first, but recovers just in time after hearing the encouraging voices of all his tree-dwelling friends, cheering him on! Benjamin's newfound flying skills inspire his friends to follow their own dreams and try things once thought they couldn't do. Friends help you do your best.

Benjamin Birdie's First Flight_10-13-21 (1).jpg

Benjamin Birdie's First Flight

Benjamin Birdie wants to fly like all the other birds, like he was meant to! But his mama tells him he isn't quite ready yet. Benjamin doesn't listen, tries to give flying a go, but falls all the way down from the top of the tree to the forest floor. Now Benjamin Birdie must ask for help from all of the other tree-dwellers to get back to the top of the tree. Charming rhymes and colorful illustrations bring this story about friendship to life and teach the importance of coming together to help someone in need while learning about different exotic animals.

Buster Tells It All_11-24-21.jpg

Buster Tells It All

Welcome to Pony Creek Ranch, home to many special animals from around the world! Surrounded by breathtaking landscape, log cabins, waterfalls, and game-trodden hiking trails, Pony Creek Ranch is the best-kept secret in Texas. A safe haven for animals, this ranch and animal reserve is full of life and excitement! The head dog, Buster, takes you on a tour of the ranch and introduces you to his animal friends in this story about friendship and support.

Cinco the Clinic Cat_11-23-21.jpg

Cinco the Clinic Cat: Cinco, El Gato De La Clinica

When school is out, Alisa spends each day with her sister, who works in a medical clinic. But Alisa feels alone and out of place. One day, she sees a new face, a stray cat she names Cinco. They become friends, get involved in the activities at the medical clinic, and make friends along the way. This story, inspired by an actual cat who needed a home, is set at a medical clinic in Latin America; it has vivid watercolor illustrations that capture the cultural spirit. Read about a special place where people work together to help others.

Grade Level 1-2

A Backyard Birding Adventure_11-24-21.jpg

A Backyard Birding Adventure: What's in Your Yard?

Scan the bird pictures inside this book to HEAR all the birds' songs! What kind of bird was visiting your porch and serenading you with his song? These are the questions Kermit Cummings addresses in this friendly little book that employs clever, educational rhymes, photographs, and whimsical illustrations to awaken your child's interest in the avian world. Download a FREE app for your smartphone to HEAR a typical call or song made by each bird featured! Instructions come with the book.

A Children's Rosary_11-24-21.jpg

A Children's Rosary

Praying the rosary is a special way of talking to God, Jesus, Mary, and the Saints--all at the same time! A Children's Rosary will help you and those you love learn how to pray the rosary and includes all four sets of rosary mysteries, short reflections for each mystery, and a daily rosary prayer schedule. Follow the bead colors on the illustrations as you turn each page. Match the colors on the rosary illustrations to the colorful prayers in your book. With the help of A Children's Rosary, you will soon be able to pray the rosary on your own.

A Thank-You from Winellda_11-22-21.jpg

A Thank-You From Winellda

Winellda the Witch is back with all her uniqueness, in her rectangular witch's hat and her yellow bat! She is fresh from a Halloween full of fun and friends, so happy to be her own special and quirky self that she is bursting with thankfulness. As she expresses her thanks to her Uncle Sylvester, their house begins to come alive, a spell lifted, and Winellda is taken back in time to learn about thankfulness by witnessing the first ever Thanksgiving.

Billan the Bard_11-23-21.jpg

Billan the Bard

Billan the bard has a very distressing problem: he cannot rhyme. As talented as he is at playing a number of instruments and at singing tunes, the skill that ties all these other talents together is the ability to rhyme. Without it, his poems and ballads make no sense! Billan sets out for help, finding a wizard who realizes that Billan is under a curse! With the wizard's magic, see if you can help Billan rhyme again, so that he can be the bard he was meant to be!

Bummer and the Nanny Goat_11-23-21.jpg

Bummer and the Nanny Goat

When Sherri's family's pet bighorn sheep, Bummer, isn't doing well, they call the vet for help. They find out they need to feed Bummer goat's milk from now on, and they eventually decide to buy their very own goat! But once they get Nanny Goat home, they realize she's not going to be so easy to get milk from! See how this family uses determination to help Bummer.

Cheesemaker Dursden_11-22-21 copy.jpg

Cheesemaker Durdsden

Cheesemaker Durdsden could hardly be called a cheesemaker because his cheese was bland, rubbery, and flavorless. To improve his skills and silence the critics, he went in search of any and every cheesemaking technique he could learn. He has new skills, and some suspiciously delicious--deliciously suspicious--cheese to prove it. How could a man with such boring cheese before now make this tasty cheesy treat? Guess the secret to his success!

Daisy Takes a Ride_11-24-21.jpg

Daisy Takes a Ride

Daisy the happy beagle lives with her owners, Zoe and Sam. She loves her life with them. One night, Zoe and Sam run to the truck, and Daisy hops in, too, ready for an adventure! Sam drives them all to the hospital. He and Zoe go inside and ask Daisy to stay in the truck. In her doggy curiosity, however, Daisy gets restless and explores the camper parked next to the truck, and soon she's off on a fun camping trip with another family. After her adventure, she finds life is way more exciting and surprising at home with Zoe and Sam!

Emojis Everywhere_11-23-21.jpg

Emoji's Everywhere

Emojis here, emojis there - EMOJIS EVERYWHERE! They're all over your phone and TV screens, and now they've taken over the pages of this book. They've wandered into some fun and are stirring up trouble - can you spot them all? Kick your brain into high gear for this bilingual search-and-find as you learn the Spanish names for all these emojis and the feelings they represent!

Ginger and Moe and the Incredible Coincidence_11-22-21.jpg

Ginger and Moe and the Incredible Coincidence

Brother-and-sister cats Ginger and Moe have a perfect little family with their owners, Linda and Greg, until Linda becomes allergic to her two cats. The doctor tells her that her allergies will not improve as long as her cats live with her. She's sad and wonders what will happen to the cats now. Will Ginger and Moe ever find another loving home? Something incredible happens in this heartwarming true story that offers lessons about love, sacrifice and the nature of fate. It teachs young readers about allergies, challenges, and solutions.

Jeannie's Crab Lake Christmas_11-11-21.jpg

Jeannie's Crab Lake Christmas

All the animals in the forest are abuzz. Jeannie, the kindest and most beautiful lady they know, is coming to Crab Lake for Christmas! The animals have never had a chance to talk to her before now--for, as everyone knows, animals can only talk in the winter. Come to Crab Lake for Christmas, and spend the evening with Jeannie and her forest friends: bear cub Pudgey and his family, Mr. Woodchuck, Bellknap Beaver, and the deer, the wolves, the cardinals, and more as you read this charming tale of friendship, family, and fun.

Pomp, Snow and Cirqueumstance_10-13-21.jpg

Pomp, Snow and Cirqueumstance

Experience an exciting and magical Holiday story with three best friends, Pomp, Snow, and Cirqueumstance, as they study and learn special music, magic & circus skills at a secret university. After receiving their diplomas from Santa, the three fantastical elves share their special gifts with the world, and learn a valuable lesson in humility and service to others.

Sashi and the Puppy Mill Girl_11-24-21.jpg

Sashi and the Puppy Mill Girl

Based on a true story, we find Anna and her mother fostering Shelties through Shetland Sheepdog Rescue; they help the dogs become ready to find a forever home. They have two adopted Shelties of their own, Sashi and Buddy. Their newest foster is a shy, frightened and neglected girl named Cinnamon who's been rescued from a puppy mill. She has a tough time settling into her new home, but soon realizes she doesn't have to be afraid. Now loved and cared for, Cinnamon is happy and playful again; she found her forever home!

Star Wishes_11-24-21.jpg

Star Wishes

Have you wondered if someone else was wishing on the same star you were? This happens with little Max, Kiyo, and Hans as each of them gets ready for bed: telling their mothers good night, wishing upon a star, and wondering if others around the world are doing the same. Author Marjean Cox gives us glimpses into the lives of these three young boys: one in the United States, one in Japan, and one in Germany as they wish upon the same star.

Stubby and His Magic Boots_11-23-21.jpg

Stubby and His Magic Boots

Stubby is different. As a puppy, he lost his toes to frostbite one cold winter night. And while he is safe, warm, and well-fed at the animal rescue, the other dogs make fun of him. His new owner, Spirit, searches for a life-saving solution that will allow Stubby to join in the doggie fun. The puppy receives "magic boots" that put Stubby back into the game actually teaching other dogs that difference and disABLEDness are nothing to be afraid of. This heartwarming tale of hope, endurance, and acceptance is based on real-life events.

The Adventures of Stop-Sign Sam_11-24-21.jpg

The Adventures of Stop-Sign Sam

In order to get to Rockin' Robbins Park, the two Williams brothers must safely navigate the busy city streets, the old construction site, and the fast-moving river that winds through the woods. Lucky for them, Stop-Sign Sam is there to help them on their recreational adventure. He has a plan that includes safety tips set to a musical beat, rapping his cautionary tales to a rhythm that the boys can understand and enjoy!

The Merry Christmas Mittens_10-13-21 copy.jpg

The Merry Christmas Mittens

Holly wakes up on the morning of Christmas Eve, excited for what her day will bring! Mischievous Jack Frost blows a wintry wind that sweeps Holly's red, green, and white mittens away from her, and across the town. The mittens see a great deal through the day: sledding, caroling, decorating gingerbread houses, and even Santa. The mittens get a glimpse of how people and families all across the town celebrate Christmas and spread cheer to those they meet.

Witchy Poo_11-23_21.jpg

Witchy Poo

Witchy Poo is a Halloween story for all those trick-or-treaters who just can't wait for the best night of the year-the time to celebrate by wearing costumes, going door to door, and gathering mountains of candy! In this tale, while impatiently waiting for the evening to arrive, Lindy is visited by a good witch named Witchy Poo. Together, they soar around on her broom, gather candy, and sing Witchy Poo's special flying song. A very memorable holiday book!

Grades 2-3

Autism and You_11-24-21.jpg

Autism and You

From psychologist Dr. Lauren Gerber comes Autism and You, the first in the new Dr. Lauren Library series. Illustrated by Norm Bendell, this unique introduction to autism includes educational material for both kids and adults. In the book's first part, young readers meet Billy, a boy with autism, as he shares his experiences, feelings, and plans for the future. The second part is a comprehensive collection of resources for parents, teachers, and other adults.

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Floppy Lop-Ears Tries to Get "Off the Spectrum"

Floppy Lop-Ears is different from the other kids. Mom and Dad take him to visit Dr. Coon, wno explains that Floppy has autism spectrum disorder. He explains some of the difficulties and struggles that those "on the spectrum" have in everyday situations. He emphasizes positive aspects of having such a unique brain. Floppy knows that he is not like everyone else and tries to make himself "better." Floppy discovers that sometimes being different is the only way to really find acceptance. "Parents Pages" provide information about ASD.

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Magnet Max

Magnet Max loves experimenting with magnets and knows all about how they work and loves using them to attract new types of things. When he shows them to his friend Nick, the other boy is baffled. Will magnets stick to a paperclip? A refrigerator? A horse? How do they work, anyway? It must be magic! Monica Hughes uses her experience as an educator to explain scientific concepts in clear, easy-to-follow language and catchy rhymes.

Grades 2-5

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Danny Bundy and the Search for the Butterfly

Danny's search for a butterfly takes him on an epic adventure through the woods behind his house in this illustrated children’s story. The other boys in his class like to trap bullfrogs and other animals, but for show-and-tell on Monday, Danny is looking for something much more beautiful: a monarch butterfly. As readers travel through the woods with Danny, they learn about the different plants and animals that live there. Along with informative vocabulary, Danny learns how to respect our environment and fellow creatures.

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Melody's Magical Flying Machine

Melody is ten years old, a 10 year old with Down syndrom, is about to finish the fourth grade. She loves her teacher, Miss Brown because she tells the best and tallest tales and she gives the best hugs. Almost everyone is kind to Melody, but one boy is a bully to her and makes fun of her. One day, Melody meets an enchanted bird called Juju. Together, they plan and create a magical flying machine, complete with dragons to pull it. Now Melody soars and stands up to bullies and tells her classmates amazing stories about her adventures.

Grade 4-6

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Through the Barbed Wire

Isla loves her life with her dad on their sprawling Texas ranch where the animals and wildlife are her trusted friends. She speaks their language almost better than her own. When a new family with their son Cash moves near, Isla realizes the value of friendship as she starts to introduce Cash to the ranch. But soon, Isla starts realizing odd things out of place, and then fires begin to mysteriously start all across the property. Solve the mystery with Isla and Cash in the exciting first book of Isabella Allen's Wild at Heart Mystery series.

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Moving Day

I had already made two surprise visits to my friend Ole, who looked after the tower. I usually went to see him around New Year, but this time, when I went to see him for the third time, it was moving day and the atmosphere in town was pretty bleak. Find out what happens in the town on moving day in this saga by celebrated children's author, poet, and artist Hans Christian Andersen.

Grade 2-4

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The Festive Frolics of Panda and Owl

Panda and Owl are the best of friends, and spend all day in their forest coming up with new ways to have fun! Join them on picnics, swimming in the river, and all their other adventures.

Grade 3-7

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Shaky Man

Stay away from Shaky Man because he eats little kids, murdered his wife, and mistreats his dogs. Top doesn’t entirely know what to think about the rumors. He’s too busy moving into his new home, playing baseball and making friends, like Mickey, who soon becomes his best friend. Everything changes when a shocking murder turns the town upside down. Top learns just how confusing and unfair the world can be. Shaky Man reaffirms the goodness of humanity and the importance of friendship and compassion in the face of prejudice.


Sashi Adopts a Brother

When we last saw Sashi, she had just been adopted by Anna and her family after a lonely time in the shelter. Her new owners provided a safe, loving home and helped Sashi understand the world around her. In this sequel, Sashi Adopts a Brother, the spunky little Sheltie assists her new family as they foster for Shetland Sheepdog Rescue, looking after other Shelties until they find "forever homes."

Ray of Love

Faye Summers wanted to get out of the cycle of passion-then-fizzle with her relationships. She figured it was her fault that she was too quick to fall in love, so she came up with a different tactic to eventually find 'the one' for her. She would stick with casual dating for a while. Ray Thackery, her boss, has a thing for Faye. How could Faye keep a secret from her best friends, especially one as interesting as dating their boss, albeit casually?


Evaristo's nonfiction debut, Manifesto, is a memoir of Evaristo's life and career as she rebelled against the mainstream and fought to bring her creative work to the world. With humor, Evaristo describes her childhood as one of eight siblings, remembers the queer relationships of her twenties, and recounts her determination to write books that were absent in the literary world. She provides a hugely powerful perspective to contemporary conversations around race, class, feminism, sexuality, and aging.

Foreshadow: Stories to Celebrate the Magic of Reading & Writing YA

Thirteen Short Stories and essays from young adult, YA, voices and practical writing advice from YA Icons are collected in this book ranging from romance to fantasy. They were originally released on the online platform Foreshadow and showcase underrepresented voices. Find out what made these stories tick, what sparked them, and how the authors built a world, refined a voice, or wove a creepy atmosphere to bring their writing to the next level in this book.

Evaristo Untitled Nonfiction

**From the bestselling and Booker Prize-winning author of *Girl, Woman, Other* , Bernardine Evaristo's memoir of her own life and writing, and her manifesto on unstoppability, creativity, and activism** Bernardine Evaristo's 2019 Booker Prize win was a historic and revolutionary occasion, with Evaristo being the first Black woman and first Black British person ever to win the prize in its fifty-year history.

Essential Manners for Men: What to Do, When to Do It, and Why

Essential Manners for Men helps men make the right decisions about what to do and say in every situation that counts: business, office, weddings, sosial media, and dating, among other situations.