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Restoring the joy of

reading at home.

״I believe in the movement! I truly believe Edsoma is going to impact and change the future of the children in the world!"

- Danny K.

Introducing Edsoma, the AI reading assistant that helps your child improve their literacy skills in real time! With Edsoma, your child will never make another reading mistake again.

Above and Beyond Your Expectations

Word recognition technology identifies the words being spoken and determines if the text is being pronounced correctly.

Voice Recognition

Begin by choosing a story and start reading...the Edsoma app will follow along with real-time, patent-pending voice identification!

Video Co-Reader

Not home with your little reader? Not to worry! You can read along together with our video chat feature.

The world has experienced a shift since the pandemic broke out. Now, self-education has taken a stronger stand than ever, with remote learning and parents actively being school teachers’ assistants. This has, however, enabled poor quality learning and reading. To fix the situation, Kyle Wallgren got the idea to build a new communication and reading application called Edsoma.

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EDSOMA Building Future Leaders by Restoring the Reading Culture in Children and Adults

The pandemic has given room for many things to fester, one of which is the inefficiency that might arise from self-education. The idea that all leaders are readers seems to be going obsolete, resulting in a new generation of young people that barely read. Realizing the problem at hand, Kyle Wallgren set out to create a solution to it and called it Edsoma.

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Kyle Wallgren Is Disrupting The Educational App Market With Edsoma

Kyle Wallgren is the CEO of Edsoma, a brand new innovative, interactive reading app with patent-pending voice recognition that teaches both children and parents to read… correctly.

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Five Exhibitors Not to Miss at the SXSW Creative Industries Expo

With a closed border and a pandemic keeping Kyle Walgren and his then six-year-old daughter apart, Walgren spent nights reading bedtime stories to his daughter over the phone and trying to find interactive apps to support her reading. Unable to find anything that supported individuals attempting to learn, Edsoma was born.

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What Entrepreneurs Are Banking On In 2022

January 2022 is coming to a close, marking one month into the new year. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there are far more things outside of our control than within.

For the entrepreneur who jumps on the right opportunity at the right time, this year may be the most successful year of her life. For another entrepreneur, it may turn out to be a year of loss and missed opportunity.

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Edsoma is the reading subscription that will change your student’s relationship with books. Forever. We currently provide subscriptions for home and the classroom.


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