Edsoma makes reading fun and educational.

Edsoma is an AI reading assistant that helps students develop a love of reading. Our technology guides students at their optimal learning pace and curates their reading preferences with our vast library of resources.

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A New Way of Learning: Edsoma AI Smart Reading Technology ​


Word Identification Technology

Edsoma uses innovative syllable breakdown technology to analyze the reader’s words, identifying any missed or incorrectly pronounced terms.

Voice Detection​

Real-time voice identification and speech pattern recognition technology. These patent-pending features ensure accurate pronunciation and enunciation for every word in our content library.​

Video Co-Reader

Teachers and students can read together from any location using our video chat feature, even when they’re not together in the same location.​

Follow-Along Technology​

Our follow-along technology incorporates a video call feature that allows the teacher to monitor progress in real time.​

Multiple Book Categories

There’s a book category to suit all age groups, including:


Edsoma offers an extensive collection of scientific content where students can learn about the world around us and how it works–from arithmetic and geology to the periodic table.



Edsoma is a great resource for sports enthusiasts and learners looking to gain-in depth knowledge about teams, athletes, strategies and game dynamics.



For creative beginner readers interested in poetry and verse, the platform provides access to an extensive collection of material that includes many different genres, eras, and styles.



Read and learn about the many fantasy worlds that open up vast realms of imagination; users have access to an extensive collection of fantastical literature, myths, folklore, and legends.

And Many More Categories:


Edsoma is highly intuitive for parents and children​

Reading Level Test​

To understand and measure improvement, Edsoma partners with MetaMetrics® to use the Lexile Framework for Oral Reading in scoring. The Lexile Framework provides insight into student reading abilities based on the oral readability of the text. This partnership creates an easy and tested methodology to measure a reader’s progress and growth.

Text Highlight Functionality

The software recognizes the text as it’s being spoken and highlights the appropriate passage to ensure a reader’s spoken word is synced with the on-screen prompts in real time.​

Peer Reading

Enjoy peer reading by using the real-time video call feature.

Group Reading

Want to turn reading into quality family time? Take advantage of Edsoma’s group reading feature, allowing you to change the reading host while you read together.

Comprehension Test

Reading is about more than saying words; it’s about understanding what those words mean. All books on the Edsoma app come with comprehension tests, with questions provided at the end of each book for readers to check their comprehension and understanding.

Real Time Reading Report

A real time reading report is generated after every reading. The readers can see immediately how they did and where they can improve. Want to know how your child or student’s reading is progressing? Explore the reading report feature.

Receive a detailed reading report with each reader’s name, age, lexile oral reading score, words-per-minute average, DRT average, grade level, and progress. Edsoma also provides a list of words to practice to help your reader improve their skills!

Save Feature

Found a book you love? Save it under your ‘Favorites’ list to discover it again quickly!

Age Ranges

No matter a reader’s age or reading ability, you’ll find a book to suit their needs and challenge them. The Edsoma communication and reading app boasts 10 age ranges from 1-13 with both fiction and non-fiction reading materials to pique their curiosity.

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We believe that literacy is the pathway to opportunity, and everyone should have access to success. We offer three subscription options for our app users.

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The Edsoma communication and reading app makes reading fun, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read testimonials and reviews from real app users below:

Introducing Edsoma, the AI reading assistant that helps your child improve their literacy skills in real time! With Edsoma, your child will never make another reading mistake again.


Why Edsoma?

Edsoma Inc. CEO Kyle Wallgren founded the Edsoma communication and reading app on the belief that reading and reading well is a fundamental skill for us to lead rewarding lives.

Introducing your children to Edsoma and making reading fun can foster a love of reading and knowledge gathering that is necessary to thrive throughout every stage of their lives.
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Building Future Leaders by Restoring the Reading Culture in Children and Adults.

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